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5 Companies Considered The Force Majeure Of IT Job Market

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 20, 2013 at 10:07 am

IT JobsWhile it seems there is greater concern around companies outsourcing overseas, those with technological ingenuity, or just an adoration for social media in general, are missing employment opportunities around them.  MarketWatch recently spoke with Dice.com CEO who adamantly states IT jobs are available – IF one understands where to look.  Beyond basic programming knowledge, the growing need for techies, especially in cyber security, has opened job doors across the country.  Below are five major players in IT career offerings:

HTC Global Services

An informational technology firm headquartered in Hartford, CT, HTC Global offers CMM Level 5 services, and needs serious project management help.  Another division, based in Troy, Michigan, offers CRM solutions, custom IT security countermeasures, along with warehousing logistics- including big data management- offers opportunities for engineers, programmers and entry-level analysts.


Why not? GoDaddy has placed 1,400 people atop their current workforce since late 2009. They consistently need programmers, front-line customer support and technical analysts who have a thick skin for customers ‘on one’. Highly regarded for their ability to advance employees and provide perks, like spinning prize wheels, or shopping bonanzas, GoDaddy is always in need of quality IT staff.


Comcast puts people to work in IT. I mean, it only makes sense; since their product offerings include business class internet access, security and other server-based contraptions, IT professionals working for Comcast can expect an excellent career, to say the least.  Visiting Comcast will reveal the many opportunities available for IT savvy enthusiasts.


Perhaps you expected this company, which just experienced an impressive 33% job growth in 2012, to be included on this list.  Employing 18,500 in U.S. alone, Google is always adding programming engineers to challenge Navneet Panda and Co.  Look for this #1 employer, as crowned by Forbes, to continually add viable IT employees across the U.S. to payroll without looking back at Microsoft.

Orion Inc.

Orion who? Surprising the managed IT services industry, and being the #8 IT company putting jobs on the market by Inc. Orion offers globally recognized services, which include IT staffing, telecom and cloud computing. Orion, headquartered in Monmouth Junction, New Jersey, should add another pretty handful of IT junkies this year in America, Chile and India.

The global information technology world will support more employees than healthcare before it’s over with; perhaps now would be your opportunity to jump aboard the fleeting IT job vessel before your once comfy career gets handed over to Mr. Roboto.


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