Amplifying Crowdboosting in a Global Art Marketplace

Author: Marie Kazalia
Published: February 07, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Everyone is familiar with the phenomenon crowdsourcing, but now
a new site coming soon in beta is treasrz (pronounced treasures), a global crowdboosting art marketplace for artists, galleries and curating art lovers.

How does crowdboosting work? If you are an artist you can open an online art store to sell your artwork on the teasrz site. Crowdboosters can curate your art into their stores. Crowdboosters are art lovers that also open online art stores in order to promote and sell your art. This means that your art items can be listed in hundreds of stores so you are amplifying your online exposure and marketing activities tremendously. That’s the kicker. Your art items can be displayed and sold in hundreds of stores around the globe! You make the crowd your art agent.

The teasrz crowdboosting model is very attractive for artists because artists keep 90% of their sales. There is no price uplift on art items that are sold via crowdboosting stores. Crowdboosters split their sales commission 50/50 with treasrz—that is, a crowdbooster keeps 5% commission on sales and 90% goes to the artist and 5% to treasrz.

Artists pay $0.10 per artwork added to their stores and can include up to 5 images per artwork. Crowdboosted art items don’t have a listing fee so this makes it very attractive for crowdboosters to curate and sell their favorite art items and support artists. There will also be features that allow crowdboosters to request or commission customized artworks for their stores!

The artist is responsible for adding the shipping costs, credit card fees and all other cost incurred into the buyer’s final sales price.

During the beta launch, treasrz will also come out with mobile apps for the iphone, ipad and android including all the social sharing and friend invite functions.

People can sign up at for the beta program and receive free listings for life!

The enormity of this site, increasing excitement among artists, the passion the founders of this site have for this unique business model, along with the world-class designer they’ve partnered with are all sure indications that treasz is the next big thing advancing toward us on the horizon.



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