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As Social Media Climbs, Business Hosting Begins Reeling

Author: David Goehst
Published: February 25, 2013 at 3:25 pm

Cloud HostingSocial media platforms, due to their ubiquitous nature and profound impact upon business in general, have dominated daily lives to the point of taking out archaic business models no longer need.  Case in point, Reuters recently released news that although Rackspace Hosting is showing dividend increases, the overall growth of business hosting has industrialists concerned that, especially with CMS platforms doubling into websites and being hosted via cloud platforms, an imminent end to leasing server space is nearing.  Social media, in other words, could very well become the one-stop business playground.

Socializing Needs No Websites

Whereas businesses used to create informational HTML websites packed with business information, those cumbersome data storage needs no longer apply since Facebook allows business pages, Google Plus provides an extensive profile for locality-based searches and other platforms provide tools the others lack.  It’s nearly becoming arbitrary for businesses to harbor the extra expense when everything could be done atop social media platforms for only the cost of time well spent.  Until Facebook starts charging for proprietary business access, it’s irrelevant to bother blogging anywhere else but free places.

Websites Reek Of Spammy Content

Waging war behind the scenes is content-filled websites, one’s attempt at beating social media platforms and keeping the hosting model alive.  With companies like New York Times, WSJ and other ginormous news conglomerates charging for content, it nearly becomes useless for websites to formulate their own opinion when, of course, social media is there to allow endless ranting, posting and sharing of news.  Spammy content, also, is under Google’s radar for imminent amelioration from search results, anyway; hosting could only survive via the cloud IF the space rental model thrives beyond 2015.

Cloud Hosting May Survive

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