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Big Data To Reach $43 Million By 2018, In-Memory Solutions Sought

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 21, 2013 at 5:05 am

Big Data, Bigger ProblemThe globally challenging data handling task has businesses scrambling for tech assistance, seeking out plausible avenues for handling large datasets which normally structured server environments could handle with ease.  Compiling consumer data, ridiculously sized numbers and trying desperately to process them systematically has becomes somewhat problematic, especially since big data became the newest buzzword.  In fact, big data is expected to amass $43 billion within five years, according to MarketWatch news release which depicts current big data value is somewhere near $6.3 billion. Here’s how various companies are reacting to data trends.

Healthcare, Banking Seeking Data Scientists

Due obviously to confidentiality and heightened security needs, healthcare fields are finding big data mixed with HIPAA compliance equates disaster without proper planning.  A shortage of data scientists who literally study, invent and test random datasets against several contingencies are being sought after.  Since banking online and offline means handling large requests, the same professionals are being highly sought – and well paid – simply for making big data less problematic within their fields.

Hosting, Cloud Services Scrambling

We’re becoming quite ‘cloudy’ these days, with Google and Microsoft leading the charge towards total cloud computing.  With virtualization, however, space issues will prevail.  Progressions in making big data smaller within such companies is becoming much easier with Hadoop and other major programs which shrivel data into something more ‘bite sized’ yet Google and Microsoft are under development for similar measures themselves.  Hosting companies who’re reliant upon large customer bases have also begun running towards big data – with caveats – since those hosts who carry large businesses need big data solvency, too.  Perhaps solutions have arrived which utilize in-memory processing instead of HD’s.

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