Feature: Moving America’s Heart and Soul: Small to Medium Business Driving Change

Blogging Your Small Business to Success

Author: Steve Woods
Published: December 07, 2012 at 1:09 pm

Thank you to Spark Business from Capital One for sponsoring this feature highlighting small business.

According to a survey released by Vertical Response, over half of the 500 small businesses they surveyed own a blog, and spend as much as 1-3 hours a week creating posts for them. With more of your customers becoming part of (or getting information from) the blogosphere each year, why not use your online company voice to make that personal connection too? Here are a few hints and guidelines to help you on your way to company blogging success.

Use your own words

Your company blog can be one of its most important online voices, so make sure the content on it actually originates from your company. Don’t hire the development of your blog content to an outside organization - even the smallest of businesses have somebody in the company ‘family’ willing, with some coaxing and positive reinforcement, to shine online. Give your in-house writer enough leeway to blog as his or herself, providing some insight into their personality, and building lasting online relationships. Your customers will see the company blog as an honest extension of your business, and of their own online lives. When purchasing we tend to take the word of our friends, after all…

In Blogging, sharing is caring

Have you provided content that is eminently “shareable” by your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ – and even on their own personal blogs? The more your content makes your readers’ streams of information interesting to their own friends and followers, the more likely your posts will get shared. Some examples of items that your readers will tend to share are highly unusual trade-related news items, motivational posters, infographics (long banners of inter-related information on a topic), and short, bulleted lists of never-before-thought-of ways to use your product.

It’s all about your readers

Don’t use your company blog solely as a delivery method to dispatch sales advertisements. Absolutely, have coupons and sales specials on the blog, but spend far greater time providing valuable insight into making already sold products last longer or serve additional useful purposes in your customers’ lives. Examples include recipes, craft ideas, design plans and other how-tos. Share images to help your readers’ imaginations soar, and share with their friends. If you have a customer who has enriched your life in some way, consider asking them to write up a short guest-post of one or two paragraphs, about their relationship with your company, and add it to a seasonal “thank you” post.

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