Boost Your Conversion Rates with Content Strategy

Author: Aaron Hoos
Published: February 09, 2010 at 3:34 pm

Entrepreneurs have a huge opportunity to use the web to grow their small businesses. But this benefit is also a challenge because every single day it seems like there are new places to post content and new channels to market their business: online articles, blogs, press releases, newsletters, forum marketing, affiliate marketing, pay-per-click marketing, and the list goes on.

Within each one of these specific categories there are countless venues. For example, how many thousands of online article publishing sites are there?

With all of these marketing opportunities, entrepreneurs are marketing their businesses tirelessly, producing content in as many locations as possible to spread the word. And when their business slows down, the knee-jerk reaction is to turn up the volume and produce more content in more channels.

The volume of marketing content might not be the problem. For a lot of entrepreneurs, the problem is that they need to do more effective online marketing. The de facto practice has been to generate cheap, keyword-rich articles and hope that drives traffic to their site, but that's as far as they've considered. If a prospect clicks through to the website, there is no clear next step for them to take. Instead, the business owner simply hopes that the prospect will call or follow or subscribe.

What is needed is content strategy. Content strategy is a burgeoning industry that, until just a couple of years ago, didn't even have a name. Content strategy maps the entire customer interaction from initial search engine queries all the way to the deep end of customer interaction.

Interested in how your organization can improve marketing with content strategy? The best place to start is with the sales funnel. Outline what your sales funnel is and what it takes to move your customer from one step to the next. Then, map your current content at various points along your sales funnel. If it doesn't fit, stop wasting your time on it. If it does fit, make sure it is moving people along the funnel.

Content strategy is a more strategic approach to marketing because it takes your current marketing effort and focuses it, giving every marketing investment a more significant role in converting prospects to customers.


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