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Brand Security Across Social Media Platforms Concerning Corporations

Author: David Goehst
Published: February 26, 2013 at 5:57 am

Twitter brand hackingWhile strolling through Nordstrom, perhaps you’ve received Tweets from buddies working inside Burger King – except they’re talking about Big Macs instead of flame broiling.  New York Times recently reported how Twitter hacks forces companies once concentrating on brand awareness to worry about brand security instead. The above incident occurred right before the corporation’s eyes, and others have fallen quickly to hackers who’d find their way into unsecure Twitter accounts to alter brands, messages or simply provide numerous hours of hashtag tomfoolery.

Password Advice Is Never Followed

Although other protuberant individuals and corporations have fallen victim to ‘hacktivity’ such as this - NBC News, USA Today, Donald J. Trump, the Westboro Baptist Church and even the “hacktivist” group Anonymous being the top dogs of note – It brings a multidimensional argument: are hackers really that good, or are corporate entities slacking on password selection or account security measures?

When creating your passwords, make them as difficult for anyone – even yourself – to remember because if you’re inebriated and lose coherency, you’ll probably be inclined to allow friends to jump online, forget to log you out, and there goes the neighborhood.  Corporate social media account managers should harbor equivocal guilt as the hackers responsible for constant digital chicanery such as ‘hacks’.

Twitter Relies On Advertising Revenue

Since Tweets aren’t metered, the company relies heavily upon ad revenue from their network, and partners, to generate income.  According to reports from eMarketer, Twitter’s monetary gains through ads jumped more than 100 percent, earning $288.3 million in global advertising revenue in 2012 alone. When hacking jobs happen such as this, it’s rather hard to trust the social media giant with corporate dinero.  Many banks require several layers of clearance before being granted access to sensitive areas, one consideration Twitter has mulled over to tighten security threats.

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