Feature: Moving America’s Heart and Soul: Small to Medium Business Driving Change

“Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) Increasingly Important to Small Business Budgets

Author: Steve Woods
Published: January 03, 2013 at 1:00 pm

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Can your small business afford a new smartphone for each and every one of your employees? Does it make financial sense to send your sales staff out the door with a tablet in every briefcase? With a proper plan in place, your business might be able to enjoy the benefits of technologies that simply exceed your constrained budget, and your staff might be able to get a little more wiggle room when it comes to the daily work of maintaining your business.

However you answered the two questions above, understand this: most of your employees already have a smartphone on them, and a number of your sales staff already own personal tablets, whether you believe they would be useful or not. It’s quite possible that you can’t afford much tech at all, so why not allow your employees to leverage the devices they either bring to work or leave at home, to the success of your growing business? You might learn a few things in the process, and grow faster than you ever thought.

Allowing your employees to leverage their own devices in support of your small business may soon provide you the opportunity to learn about other, perhaps even more preferred methods of interacting with your information, services or product lines. That static website you have might fade before the real possibility of creating a mobile app with a greater array of services.

This bit of advice, however, doesn’t mean you move forward without some guidelines. Information technology firm ITIC studied businesses of all sizes, and found that over 60% of them allow some form of BYOD, or letting employees “Bring Your Own Device” to the workplace. Despite these high numbers, only 30% of BYOD-allowing companies actually have a policy in place to provide guidelines about the use of personal tech in the office. Some IT specialists view this as a disaster waiting to happen, while others are embracing the challenges involved.

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