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Bundling Software Still An Effectual Advertising Tool

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 30, 2013 at 5:55 am

Bundling ApplicationsOracle had masterfully formed numerous software packages with complimentary add-ons which many will recognize as ‘Ask Toolbar’, thanks to relationships formed over time.  Old-school software installs via CD, too, capitalized on bundling software packages together, seamlessly throwing companion programs onto main software suites.  How do these program bundles assist each other long term? Ultimately, they share customers with each other, providing advertising revenue for the main program owner and affording the small guy an opportunity to make it big.  Then, Bunndle stepped in, enabling publishers and savvy software advertisers the opportunity to meet inter-application.


Super Bowl Ads – Bundled?

With New Orleans just several days away for two powerful NFL forces, turning our attention towards advertising seems rather forced, considering the field, stands, televisions and social media will have more advertising – comically written, of course – yet still advertisers will bundle with other media outlets to roll out several ‘sneak peeks’, YouTube topping the choice list.  Therefore, from both an advertiser and social media stance, 2013 could become the inevitable bundling of SaaS, television and social media with each other, driving down costs and raising awareness.

Bunndle Knows Bundling

Software packages come naturally bundled with CD sleeve advertising, preinstall questionnaires asking for additional program installs, and so forth. Mobile applications have turned the same direction, allowing publishers, advertisers and programmers to collaborate, cut costs yet still gain exposure.  Bunndle provides such powers, yet takes more pragmatic approaches to vetting offers before being sold. Using global distribution, Bunndle gives an effective avenue for numerous companies to gain visibility by providing audience sighting, user procurement and monetization solutions for software providers and developers. 

Mix these services with social media, Bunndle would indirectly merge with Super Bowl advertisements – and your end result would simply be new applications.  Much like an affiliate network marries advertisers with relevant publishers, this innovative platform allows advertisers to assure only those most likely to download products are targeted while allowing freedom of publisher choice.  From the publisher’s and programmer’s standpoint, Bunndle provides seamless integration and targeted advertiser searching to keep your products clean, relevant yet earnable from multiple locations.

Founded by ex-Yahoo executive Maxine Manafy and backed by previous Yahoo Mobile engineering expert Daniel J. Woods, Ph.D., the entire team has seen early software development success.  Since several have come from Yahoo, CNET and other popular platforms, the future direction of Bunndle looks rock solid.


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