Businesses Save Money by Storing Files in Clouds

Author: Lana Bandoim
Published: January 23, 2013 at 4:32 pm

LAPTOP Magazine recently highlighted how using cloud services can save businesses money. Chris Null pointed out on Jan. 21 that businesses no longer have to pay for file servers and can cut costs by storing files in clouds. This is a popular idea that has led many companies to take advantage of inexpensive cloud services for their file sharing needs.

Businesses are becoming more reliant on cloud services to provide them a wider range of options. By eliminating the need for extra servers, companies can focus on more important priorities. Spiceworks has found that 52 percent of the businesses in its survey used some type of file sharing service while 62 percent used general cloud services. Considering the large number of options currently available and ranging from Dropbox to Google Docs, this percentage is expected to increase.

One issue that many businesses seem to be considering is the option to use mobile and web apps for file sharing. A surprising 72 percent of small businesses have reported that they rely on mobile apps for work. This explains why SmartFile, a file sharing service for businesses, recently announced an open source web app contest for students. SmartFile announced on Jan. 16 that it is giving away $17,000 in prizes to students who create the best app. The company, founded by John Hurley and Ben Timby, is continuing to expand its file sharing and storage services for businesses.

More companies are discovering the benefits of using a cloud instead of a server to share and store files, and the number of users is expected to grow. The key benefits of “accessibility, collaboration and convenience” are often cited for file sharing through clouds. However, this trend is not limited to small businesses. Companies with revenues up to $1 billion are turning to online file sharing.


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