Can 2013 Please Be the Year that Small Businesses Embrace Social Media?

Author: Grant Tilus
Published: January 07, 2013 at 9:23 pm


From Facebook to Pinterest, the use of social media has changed the way that businesses market themselves online. Or has it?

Marketing Magazine is predicting that the use of social media and social search will grow in 2013. But, are business owners really ready for that? I'm not so sure.

In my preparation for New Year’s Eve I experienced something that I know happens way too often on social media and I am hoping that 2013 is indeed the year small business embrace social media, social search and finding customers online.

 Small Businesses that Lack Social Skills

This year for New Year’s I had a friend visit from out of town and I wanted to find somewhere to celebrate. I decided that this year I would utilize social media to find a new place that was having a special event for New Year’s I was excited!

My excitement however was short-lived as I found a large number of local small businesses that, while they had social media profiles on Facebook or Twitter, their pages where practically ghost towns. The vast majority of them provided me with very little information about their business, clientele or New Year’s events and many had not been updated in weeks.

As an inbound marketer and social media manager by trade it saddened me to see this because I love supporting local businesses in my community. But without any helpful information I had to move on sorry you just missed out on my business.

As I continued my search for local businesses with timely information about ringing in the new year, I was happy to finally find a few businesses on Facebook and/or Twitter that provided me with the information that I wanted. Like this …

MPLS looking for a #NYE2013 party w/ a heated #SKYBAR? Complimentary admission…— 7 STEAKHOUSE | SUSHI (@SEVENMPLS) December 29, 2012

Yes! A tweet about their event with a link to the Facebook event, I have found a business that gets it! Because of this interaction on social media I was able to find out more about their event and I became extremely interested in attending. I actually reached out to them on Twitter with a question prior to deciding. I wanted to make sure I could avoid standing out in the cold streets of Minneapolis while waiting to get in. My tweet:

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