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Crowdfunding Novels Possible Through Authr.com

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 15, 2012 at 6:14 am

Authr crowdfundingDespite Congressional laws putting crowdfunding on hold and making normally fruitful investment decisions easy, other methods to obtain much needed funds for projects - like writing books - has taken an interesting turn with recent launches of fundraising sites geared towards allowing anyone with authorship prowess to throw their literature to the crowd for potential publishing assistance, including funding.  Problem is, marketing and selling books are an expensive game to play.

This is a problem that is solved by a company called Authr who helps aspiring writers and those with experience to fund, market and sell their products worldwide. The goal of Authr is to offer a completely new and unique platform for fundraising that takes your written concept to an actual, marketable written book.

The “P” Word: Publishing

A constant reality of writing any book is that it takes time and money to bring a book concept to store shelves. This is a fact of life and has been for the past 200 plus years that books have been sold in the United States and abroad. Authr understands this concept and has drawn upon the experience of its founder and support staff to help writers raise funds for their book process. And unlike several other book fundraising websites, they do not charge a flat fee plus a percentage of a writer’s hard earned revenue.

Authr was created in 2011 by Erik Bowman, an author himself as well as a successful entrepreneur and business advisor who recognized a problem in the writing world and offered a practical solution. His primary goal was to help an aspiring or well-established writer remove any road blocks that stood in their way to achieving complete success in launching and selling their written works.

Although the website has launched in 2011, many people were skeptical at first that this company would be the proto-typical book marketing company that didn’t provide an honest return on investment for any writer. However, the process itself is very easy and when done correctly can produce results that any writer can be proud to showcase.

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