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Despise Unemployment? Avoid Building Sectors, Hit the Books

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 11, 2013 at 8:27 am

Avoid UnemploymentEvery quarter, our Bureau Of Labor Statistics releases specific sectors which have shown exponential growth, or not-so tumultuous southward plummets. Laying down your first yearly employment report for BLS is CNN Money, covering industries which have increased and dipped over previous 12-months of measurement.  Those beginning 2013 seeking new career moves may find their report beneficial before jumping into something which potentially could falter with further economic depression.

Forget ‘Do Not Call’

Telemarketing professionals suffered roughly 23% job slashes during 2012, perhaps signaling the home dweller’s ‘caveat’ during dinner times will cease growing in favor of email blast campaigns. Along with these cold calling kings’ employment cuts, those responsible for connecting their wiring – communications and media equipment workers – lost nearly 44% of their collective workforce during the same span.  The latter comes during an era where wireless signal towers and various call centers seem to be erected monthly, thereby striking somewhat surprising notes with employees of that sector.

Building Workers Halted

Home buying halts, mortgage loans slow down and both contribute to keeping both commercial and home roofing, steel and fabrication workers employed.  Iron workers lost nearly 22% while other major players also watched workforces plummet amidst uncertainty where tax cuts would be applied. In fact, most every department within construction lost somewhat although some slowing usually happens when winter months hit Midwestern and Northeastern United States.  Plasterers and stucco masons dipped considerably (30.5%) which comes as little surprise since many home owners aren’t moving towards home improvement projects until clearer economic opportunities are announced.

Get Sum Edumication

Surprisingly enough, staffing agencies like Inc.’s #13 staffing agency Canon Recruiting Group provides some key advice to those seeking work during economically challenging times: get yourself back into school. Topping the BLS list of stable careers with lowest unemployment for individuals seeking change include astronomers (.3%), biomedical engineering pros (.4%), nursing (.9%) and tax agents (1%). Tim Grayem, President of this 33 year old California-based professional staffing company employing over 2000 individuals, suggests partaking in government opportunities which allow for deep incentives for those wishing to return to education.   Marketability relies on educational value, not just experience.

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