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Digital Marketing Firms Magic Logix, Optify Poised For Growth In 2013

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 01, 2013 at 6:56 am

Digital Marketing 2013Perhaps ‘bittersweet’ best describes the year many digital marketing giants enjoyed the previous year - quite the pleasant surprise given the economic uncertainty heading into today’s dreaded 11:00AM government tax agenda session.  When Forbes slammed down their digital marketing predictions of 2013, tech marketing giants Optify and Magic Logix stood patiently aside strong marketing principals without gravitating towards too many preemptive conclusions.  As businesses lobby for best social media positioning, search recognition and brand awareness, these two experienced digital companies will double their current workloads undoubtedly.  Here are some predictions cited:

Email Explodes

Hassan Bawab, CEO of Dallas-based Magic Logix, definitely understands just why smaller enterprises still love electronic mailings.  Taking into account thousands of businesses still haven’t digitally positioned themselves due to lackadaisical customer orders, email sets the tone for opening social media doors along with other outlets.  The energetic Hassan, having previously accepted Inc. 500 recognition for immeasurable digital presence boosting for such corporate powerhouses as Marriott, Marketo and FedEx, concurs that email marketing will boost small business revenue, especially jumping early in 2013.

Paid Search Tails Off

Author of Forbes column and CEO of Optify, Rob Eleveld, recognizes paid search programs will perhaps not cease, yet tail off while newer digital advertising campaigns are introduced.  Since Google amasses small fortunes daily off businesses lobbying for search visibility, companies have undertaken superlative efforts in raising the bar for higher standards of electronic ad presentation.  Since the search giant could possibly begin charging for readily available Analytics and general site-wide data, economically depressed business models will turn to other mediums, inevitably causing revenue loss in Google.

Marketing Budgets Will Jump

Realizing ROI could increase with more segmented campaigning and hiring of marketing firms with more adept digital experience, businesses will gladly increase marketing budgets online while shrinking their offline marketing efforts.  IT infrastructural planning will skyrocket, unproven marketing tactics will concede to organic search marketing plans all while frugal spending will continue as active markets embrace potential consumer spending halts.  Sales responsibilities should shift towards marketing departments, too, states Eleveld.

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