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Era Of Freelancing Expected To Erupt In 2013

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 09, 2012 at 7:17 am

freelancing erupts 2013Contingency based employment, conveniently dubbed 'freelancing' by career analysts and others who're currently employed through various mediums, is expected to rise quite nicely, according to recent Fox Business report depicting the rise of businesses seeking skilled workers for 'fractional' skits which pay workers from wherever they sit, and even shows individuals where to look for freelance opportunities.

Normally recession-prone cities such as Carson City, Nevada are actually experiencing reversals in fortune with freelancing booming.  Whereas commuting to and from work normally satisfied the career-minded professional, proofreaders, data entry operators and savvy freelance writers now rule the clandestine world of employment surprise.  However, individuals aren't cashing in alone on growing needs of businesses; the actual small business is saving immeasurable amounts of money normally spent in-house while often times receiving great work for far less than face value.

According to data collected from Fox's report, 48% of current freelancers call contingency 'skits' their sole source of income, yet 25% still freelance during off-work times to supplement their incomes. Surprisingly, only 14% actually put forth 31-40 hour weeks whereas the greatest concentration of workers, over 28%, worked at or less than 10 hours per week.  The survey, which collected valuable data from daily contingency workers, also reveal people following their dreams and being their own bosses topped the list of reasons why freelancing was sought.

When seeking these semi-lucrative freelance gigs, 26% of freelancers polled received their first job within two weeks of hire according to Elance, an online megaemployer of contingency-based talent.  Within the same poll, 32% of workers preferred to transact 100% online whereas roughly 5% preferred transacting completely offline; quite a surprising statistic, considering our internet and social media have boomed out of control.

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