How to Get People to Open Your Emails

Author: Sally Ormond
Published: April 24, 2013 at 10:07 am

I don't know about you, but I'm fed up reading about how amazing email Email marketingmarketing is for small businesses (mind you, it's pretty important for any sized business).

It's all well and good saying how we should all be doing it, but how about telling us how we can make sure our emails get opened?

Let's face it, if your in box is anything like mine, it is flooded on a daily basis by spam emails that just get chucked in the trash. What businesses need to know is how to make sure their email gets spotted as a quality communication rather than one of those 'eat this fruit to lose weight' emails. 

Well, if you feel the same way it's lucky you found this article, because I'm going to tell you about 5 very easy things you can do to increase your email open rate. 

1. Timing

Your timing is everything.

In general, Mondays and Fridays are not good days. People are either catching up from the week before, or they're desperate to get their weekend started. That's why sometime mid week is better. 

As for the time of day, try mid morning. First thing and they'll be up to their eye balls in emails, meetings and phone calls and after lunch they'll be clock watching for the end of the day.

2. It's all in the subject

Your email's subject line carries a lot of responsibility. It will determine whether your email gets opened or not. 

No pressure there then. 

Avoid trigger words like 'discount', 'free' etc. that have a tendency to trip spam filters and use something that will arouse curiosity. Something that starts 'How to...' is always a good one. 

Try different approaches to test your audience and once you've found a winning formula, stick to it.

3. Frequency

If you send out emails too often, people will get fed up with you and unsubscribe. Send them once in a blue moon and they'll forget signing up for them and also unsubscribe.

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