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Author: Clinton Lanier
Published: June 07, 2011 at 6:41 pm

I’m working on a new business project that won’t release until the beginning of November. However, three weeks ago I launched our Twitter account and have been steadily building a community of followers, with over 200 followers at the moment of writing (I won’t take the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote here, but will tell you that we’ll be producing online video content).

What’s more, our followers are excited and looking forward to our release. We’ve had multiple direct messages telling us how “original” our concept is and how much people are looking forward to it. Influencers in the niche we’ve entered have mentioned us a number of times, and many of our daily tweets have been retweeted—all indicators of a successful Twitter strategy.

Thinking of this experience I realized how perfect Twitter is for launching projects at the concept and not the content phase. This is what’s going on in our case. After all, we have no product—no pictures, no blog posts, no videos, no content—only the promise of it. What we do have, though, is a concept (and one that has apparently struck a chord with some people).

And it turns out I’m not alone in this conclusion. Past examples demonstrate that Twitter can increase the success of most brands launched, especially when used well before the launch itself.

As far as the Facebook versus Twitter debate, when it comes to launching a product, brand or business, others agree that Twitter is much better than Facebook for initially generating excitement. After all, Facebook demands content. Integrated utilities put image galleries, videos, and other information at the top of pages. In Facebook, it’s about rewarding people who like you with your original content.

But on Twitter it’s about community, and a concept can grow a community. So, looking at what other brands have done and mixing it with the project we’re currently working on, here are five strategies to implement in Twitter while your product, brand or business is still just a concept.

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