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Microsoft, Google, Gatherspace Tee Off on Cloud Software

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 29, 2012 at 6:38 am

Cloud software platformsSoftware is a trillion dollar annual industry and will continue to thrive in many facets of life from medical billing to gaming and everything in between.  With Microsoft seamlessly keeping cloud applications at the forefront of their Office software modeling, Google is attempting to keep pace with Microsoft’s surging future yet recent CNET coverage of this ongoing battle dictates Microsoft isn’t worried about anything Google develops.  While proverbial software kids fight over their toys, one company crawling ahead of both when speaking of project management software on the cloud is Gatherspace.

Gatherspace delivers a more logical methodology for companies to capture, document and model business, system & test requirements all while keeping margins of error low, ROI high and learning curves sensible.  Whereas larger software giants concentrate on personal productivity, Gatherspace is offering businesses intrinsic cloud solutions with cutting-edge sharing tools.

Since Microsoft apparently has yet to see much revenue from Office 365, companies like Gatherspace are jumping head first into the world of cloud software, namely the project management niche. According to the New York Times, most users still prefer Microsoft’s older, more reliable Office software.  We’ve even posed the question to Wordpress as to whether CMS will go completely cloud-based in the near future.

Will CMS Cloudify Their Software?

Content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla and other services that allow for interactively communicating with the world as well as store information will continue to flourish and perhaps take over traditional website creation once and for all.  Since the Wordpress software is a one-click install on all websites and has available plug-ins to enhance the end-user experience, it would appear sensible for developers to continually keep future cloud connotations in mind. The only thing Wordpress is yet to do is allow for financial information safeguarding or scrambling your eggs.

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