Social Businesses May Seek Alternative Investments In 2013

Author: David Goehst
Published: January 06, 2013 at 6:53 am

Social Business 2013Wasting little time in sending shockwaves of monetary madness across socially supported business models, our Federal government perhaps just set the stage for economic disaster amongst financial and technology sectors, with little initial recourse available.  Single entrepreneurs earning beyond $400k may skiff minuscule fiduciary responsibility away from middle class workers, yet little has been done to convince smaller investors of their finance investments.  Bound by Fox Business 2013 small business finance predictions, expected to rock single enterprises harder than larger corporations, we dive into financial trading thoughts as seen by socially-friendly trading platforms providing financial trading opportunities for social businesses such as those you’re currently updating statuses of.

Lending Bound By Government Credit Rating?

Positive flowing cash doesn’t necessarily open lending flood gates, considering government agencies such as SBA and FHA could end up seeing slightly less breathing room in lending.  Small privatized lenders, along with crowdfunding, could be small business’ nest egg during most of 2013. as shifts in financial availability patiently await clarity – and green lights.  Whereas Facebook, Twitter or Elance perhaps wouldn’t need much investor infusion, Pinterest lawsuits and other ubiquitous financial failures could drive socially-born business ventures south for good unless somebody steps forward to rescue.

Obama Care Thwarts Health Stocks

Have lucrative healthcare stock options in GlaxoSmithKline or AIG?  Small business aren’t hiring due to unaffordable coverage?  Flipping through your television set, you'll find that rising health costs, coupled with lackadaisical small business work opportunities, could inevitably drive once hefty health stocks down into Mother Earth.  From small-town Mayo medical clinics to healthcare dynamos, even touching such doctors as wellness expert Dr. Eric Berg, the financial crunch Obama Care brings potentially destroys professionals in it's path - not just small businesses. Before your bottom falls out, or government starts cutting health programs, one should shift financial investments away from troubled industries and perhaps once again try giving Facebook or Google confidence in fiduciary growth and accountability.  Since Obama Care becomes mandated for companies of 50 or more employees, small businesses could further see crunches while costing social firms dearly through trickling effects.

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