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Social Hub Link My Stock Gaining Traction with Financial Professionals

Author: David Goehst
Published: December 28, 2012 at 6:15 am

Social business platformMainstream social chatting mediums provide excellent status updates revolving around friends and family, yet do little for professional networking or news spreading. 

Through a recent report from Forbes discussing the risks and liabilities being faced by corporate entities when using Facebook and Twitter, one may seem slightly hesitant to use Linked In or any other format geared towards making plausible business connections.  That is, of course, until Link My Stock jumped center stage for financiers to dive aboard.  Specifically geared towards financiers with stock interests and general company information in mind, forgetting about popularized platforms is becoming much easier while navigating Link My Stock’s direct company connection platform.

Social infrastructures in companies are encouraged, even required, in some fashion when significant increases in ecommerce spending are being reported. Forbes’ report disseminates the groundwork where companies are failing to stabilize their social media engagement strategies, the risks corporations could put themselves in with improperly segmented social media stratagems while having the correct audience in place makes engagement much easier to cope with.  For Link My Stock, financiers directly connect via press release, engaging news and socialization with companies of interest, making following the correct audience much easier to deal with.

Easier Connections Than LinkedIn

Financial professionals seeking basic company information are afforded the opportunity to browse through thousands of publicly traded companies to harvest basic contact information, learn about their infrastructure while deciding instantly whether their composition would fit their needs.  Whereas Linked In charges an expensive fee for connecting with other professionals, Link My Stock believes true financiers should see who they’re dealing with before making educated decisions on investing in them.

Priding themselves with fully integrated media outlets to push press releases across the world, financial professionals can read various new company happenings before making future investment decisions while having the opportunity to distribute news of their own.

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