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Social Media Transparency in Crisis Management

Author: Mikaela Louve
Published: February 23, 2013 at 4:55 pm

As Huffington Post writer Ellie Krupnick stated, "if your week was long, at least you didn't burn your hair off." If you've not already watched the YouTube video "Burning My Hair Off -ORIGINAL VIDEO- (Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong)," you should, it's something we all should watch.

Not because I think it's funny, I don't because I love my hair and would be much less than pleased if this happened to me, but to view the way Tori Locklear handles herself post catastrophe. That' the part that deserves to go viral.

Tori Locklear Burns Off Her Hair

We all make mistakes and when I watched this, my first reaction mirrored the look on her face when she realized her hair was still attached to her curling wand, and my initial thoughts were 'how on earth did this end up on the internet?' because I certainly don't think I would have published this.

Then I thought about all of the social media crisis that happen to businesses and how terribly they are handled. TRESemme and whoever the maker of the curling wand is for example, had better get ready to take some Social media managers and PR directors need to take Tori's lead on crisis management.

What's fantastic about the video and its unintended outcome, is that she is still able to accomplish her initial goal of offering beauty tips only it turned into a what-not-to-do instead of her intended, how-to video. This personifies "teachable moment".

Here are three great social media crisis management lessons small businesses could learn from Tori:

Be the first to laugh at yourself

No one likes a crybaby. She published the video and laughed at herself thus stealing the thunder of anyone who wants to make fun of her misfortune. Her openness turned what could have been ammunition to harm her reputation and/or image into positive exposure and a general sense of support. What's really great is the way she jumped in front of the criticism.

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