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Author: Steve Woods
Published: November 24, 2012 at 8:53 am

Now that the dust has finally settled from Black Friday, small businesses everywhere are opening up their doors and putting out their sales signs on the sidewalk, hoping that Americans will venture out again and take advantage of what they have to offer on Small Business Saturday.

With smaller advertising budgets, smaller businesses' voices can only reach so far. With that in mind, social networks are doing their part to provide small businesses additional incentives and offers to help make Small Business Saturday a financial success.

Twitter has been offering $100 advertising credits to small businesses who want to take their money-saving messages to their micro-blogging network. The credits can be used toward Promoted tweets or Promoted Accounts, highlighting either the small business' Twitter account as a whole, or a single tweet - preferably with a link to the company's ad page.

Twitter's caveat is that you have to be a newbie when it comes to Twitter advertising - previous advertisers need not apply. Your account needs to be filled out with a complete profile and photo, and you need to have consistently tweeted previously. This makes sense as a general rule, if you are a small business and wish to have a following on Twitter, and it also keeps illegitimate fly-by-night businesses from taking advantage of the service over Mom and Pops.

Although not an official partner, Facebook's Small Business Saturday page is alive with ads and campaigns to get the word out, as well as free downloadables for businesses to print and hang up on their windows or share online.

Popular search engine Bing has also offered $100 free in-search advertising for small businesses. As with Twitter's offer, you must be a new advertiser on Bing, and one of the first 10,000 who take up the offer to enjoy the benefit.

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