Feature: Moving America’s Heart and Soul: Small to Medium Business Driving Change

Surviving Small

Author: Steve Woods
Published: January 10, 2013 at 2:27 pm

Thank you to Spark Business from Capital One for sponsoring this feature highlighting small business.

Think business is a big dog eats little dog world? Think again. Small business, despite big box trends and a harrowing economy, continues to hold its esteemed place of honor in local communities. John Warrilow of Inc. shared a list of six reasons, in fact, that you ought to love being a small business owner. I’ve reworked some of them here, as a formula toward gaining what you might personally define as success.

Do something that you love. Repeat often.

Do you love what your business is doing, and what you do as a part of it? After all, you likely first considered going on your own in the business world because you wanted to do something that mattered, and because you believed in your keen business sense. Well, you’ve arrived, and is it what you’d hoped it would be?

If the answer is not quite (or a resounding no), stop and sit down soon. Get out pencil and paper (or your tablet computer) and figure out what your small business would’ve looked like today, had all of your best-laid plans come to fruition. What would you be doing on a daily basis? How many employees would you have, and what would their roles have been? What level of service would your business be providing, and how would you have felt about it?

Small businesses enjoy the ability to rapidly adapt the way they do, well, business. “What we love about small businesses is their resiliency,” said Hartford Senior Executive Ray Sprague. “They are looking for ways to … refresh business plans. They are very much focused on how they define success, making a good living for themselves and taking care of their employees.” The Hartford studied 2,000 small business owners, and discovered that most felt successful, despite economic pressures, in part due to their ability to change when needed. Enjoy the fact that, unlike your larger counterparts, your small business can morph at will.

Be realistic, knowing that you’ve likely made compromises along the way, and you’ll have to make more in the future. But allow yourself to dream a little.

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