Can social media convert terrible jobs into rewarding careers?

Can social media convert terrible jobs into rewarding careers?

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Social media news tends to peruse technology, juicy gossip, acceptable business and personal use, or growth trends. What about poor ol’ Wally, unwillingly stuck somewhere in the middle of some lifeless corporate cubicle farm preparing reports that upper management will scoff at anyway? He’s bored, he’s tenacious yet doesn’t seem to utilize social media to leverage his work options – or at least in a productive manner.

If you’re an unhappy camper about to embark on a job searching tirade because your current job sucks the life out of every breath, your available social reach may not stretch as far as you’d like. Whether you’re organizing kindergarteners, or concentrating on financial recruitment, it’s tough to find employers with high enough quality to create an atmosphere worthy of calling your efforts ‘reaching career fruition’.

Social media, however, will go to bat for you. You may need to hone these areas first, my friend, before grabbing your red stapler and darting off.

Improve communication skills

Where you ever in a situation when you had to ask someone to fulfill a task, but it didn’t turn out as you were expecting? Did you ever imagine ending up at to play games during your downtime? Did you have a problem leading the ones under your subordination or delegating people who didn’t accomplish the task they received? Challenges regarding delegating, meetings and so on are the result of a problem in communication.

In terms of social media ‘acceptable communication’ bylaws (yes, they exist), there are two aspects that can impact communication: specifying your specific intent, and quantifying those intentions. Without communication skills, you’ll have difficulty securing new jobs anywhere, McDonald’s included, so hone those skills before searching for career security via social media or career information sites.

Know where career information is found

Over a quarter of people in the world report being unhappy with their jobs. According some job satisfaction surveys, those interviewed cited pay as their biggest concern. Some stated that they felt they had no career progression and even more stated that job security and stress were a problem for them at work. While leaving without two week’s notice isn’t suggested, keeping your options open to explore other educational or career opportunities while working your boring cubicle position is always encouraged. Doing so in 2014 is much easier, thanks to social platforms abound.

Professionals, on the other hand, are quitting their day jobs to commit their focus and money to the concept of small business ownership, a dream they can grow into a profitable venture. If unsure which direction works best for getting into this field, CareerGlider offers an expansive amount of career and school information tailored to meet many goals, including those of an entrepreneurial sort. Selecting a career and school will show you facilities prepared to help make your options more plausible, along with your dreams a reality.

Spruce up your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is your “black book” of employer contacts, yet you probably treated it as Facebook for far too long. It’s a free and easy-to-use platform that can connect you to potential employers, and job training should further skills be needed at new companies. Any student or career-minded professional can set up a profile, but you need to be smart in deciding what to include and how to begin networking.

The basics of setting up a powerful LinkedIn profile, such as adding your resume, background information and areas of expertise, may help you secure more job interviews. Some employers have also setup their application pages to pull LinkedIn information to better assist the process of applying – the reason your LinkedIn should be safeguarded, nurtured and treated with respect like your resume.


There are plenty of reasons why more and more people today are looking for rewarding careers under the tutelage of social media. Older workers, for example, may find themselves out of work and finding it difficult to become employed again because of their age – yet a powerful social presence with the right influences could make a difference. Younger workers may have family responsibilities or they may even need to care for elderly parents, and their challenging schedules make it difficult to find work the traditional way – which is where social media saves the day again.

Don’t fear spreading your social wings while working your dull job. Take time during lunch hours to perform quick LinkedIn research to see where you are, and how to get where you really wish to be. You’ll be glad when the nightmare of working turns into a career where you’ll never ‘work’ another day while you’re alive.

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