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Online Publishing

Fraud, viewability and trust are big issues for the online ad industry right now. There's a lot of overlap. Fraudulent impressions aren't viewable (because...

Poll results recently released in this eMarketer article didn't tell us much we didn't already know -- fraud, brand safety and viewable impressions are important to ad buyers and sellers. What's interesting is, speaking in terms of programmatic buying/selling, where those issues stand in terms of importance.

As soon as the phrase “premium publisher” came about, publishers obviously wanted to play that card.

If you're in the publishing world, you've certainly heard the news floating around that Facebook wants you to post your content straight to their platform.

Many companies who would represent or buy your ad inventory have a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy, and there are no "review boards" to petition if your site gets blacklisted from the various marketplaces/networks.

As if you need another reason to steer clear of easy traffic boosts, have you taken a look at some of these services that promise to deliver those massive chunks of “real” users to your website in return for chump change.

As publishers jockey for their piece of the pie, more often they're optimizing their online platforms to take advantage of increases in digital spending -- specifically in programmatic.

Most end users put little time into thinking about how software design affects their experience of mobile and desktop devices. Attractive, easy-to-use applications achieve...

 Guest post by: Sarvesh Bagla, Founder and CEO of Techmagnate SEO many be a three letter word, but it spells enough havoc to get the...