The Breakroom

The Breakroom

The secrets of viral content aren’t really secrets anymore. Just take a look at viral marketing behemoths UpWorthy and BuzzFeed and it’s easy to see that the viral formula has been tried, tested, reused, and recycled all in the name of “successful content marketing.” But what makes these clickbait posts “successful” for marketers?

Op-ed by Steve McIntosh, co-founder and Chief Fan Ambassador at Fanhub With the rise of social media ‘Ninjas,’ ‘Gurus’ and ‘Mavens,’ we’ve seen an outpouring...

CNN summed-up yesterday's game best: Super Bowl XLVIII started out bad for the Denver Broncos. The Seattle Seahawks made sure it got worse.   This super...

The U.S. use of social media has exploded over the past five years, but it's women who still dominate the social landscape.

An increasing number of teams and tournaments are embracing the power of fan interaction.

AOL buys, Google Maps rolls out ads on the service, unauthorized ads fill YouTube pages, there are some great benefits to consumers' interactions with brands on social media, and are companies still seeing gains from their activities on Facebook?

Mashable, a Top 5 blog in the Technorati Blog Directory posted a roundup of The 8 First Social Media Posts From Space, even including the first-even Foursquare check-in from another planet.

This guest product review was written by Byron Gordon. Byron is a content marketing specialist, blogger, and consultant to businesses looking to expand their...

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