Advertising Technology

Advertising Technology

AdExchanger Research's Joanna O'Connell shares the State of Programmatic address at the recent Programmatic I/O conference in San Francisco. The session was an overview of AdExchanger's latest industry survey results.

There are no shortage of headlines calling for the rapid growth of programmatic advertising, but a recent MediaPost article has put that growth into perspective when it comes to the publishing side of the equation.

Waterfalls have been described as a dependable solution to programmatic advertising, and while that may be true, they're certainly sub-optimal.

It's simple auction economics -- the more people bidding on and competing for an item, the higher the price the item will sell for....

Here's what the Advance Bidding timeline looks like.

If publishers are ever going to get their fair share of the growing programmatic market, they need to stop depending on daisy chains or waterfalls to manage demand partners. Publishers need to a way to give multiple partners equal access to their inventory to create true competition for each impression.

Fraud, viewability and trust are big issues for the online ad industry right now. There's a lot of overlap. Fraudulent impressions aren't viewable (because...

Technorati, an advertising technology company focused on accelerating publishers programmatic revenues, has partnered with Forensiq, a leading advertising technology company that fights ad fraud,...

An industry that's evolving comes with it many other evolutions as well -- how we think and talk about things, how solve new problems, how we solve old problems, and how sometimes it's preferred to just stick to what you do best. Here's a roundup of headlines from this week that covers changing terminology and strategies and a company changing its strategy and focus. There's also a bit on what we can learn from windows (the real ones, not the OS).