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Picture taken from this eBoy image.
Picture taken from this eBoy image.

Technorati is a company of advertising technology specialists working toward rewarding the creators of great content. To accomplish this, we build tools and services that accelerate publishers’ programmatic revenues as well as makes partnering in programmatic easier and more effective.

Technorati’s core product, Contango, provides publishers with tools to go after this fast growing programmatic market and the trend towards Advance Bidding.

Contango supports publishers with a technology platform for aggregating and managing demand partnerships (i.e. SSPs, Exchanges, Networks, DSPs, and advertisers direct) in real time (analytics, reporting, and decisioning). By unifying demand and eliminating the inefficiencies of the daisy chain, Contango ensures that every impression is sold at its highest possible value. And while Contango integrates with exchanges, it does not run its own.  In the simplest of terms, Contango is an aggregator of SSPs without a competing exchange. The Contango platform originated with supporting the Technorati legacy network business and is still being used by over 1,000 publishers.

SmartWrapper, a major feature of Contango, was launched in July 2015 and is seeing great publisher traction. As a software tool that publishers can easily implement, SmartWrapper is drawing a lot of interest from top comScore publishers wrestling with how to scale and maximize Advance Bidding partnerships.



Since its initial launch, Technorati has grown from a blog index and search engine to a publisher advertising platform that services thousands of content-rich websites.

Image Credit: Hugh MacLeod, via gapingvoid.com
Image Credit: Hugh MacLeod, via gapingvoid.com

First launched in 2002, Technorati quickly became the Internet’s premier blog search engine. In 2006, Technorati won SXSW awards for Best Technical Achievement and Best of Show. By 2008, the website was indexing more than 100 million blogs.

Technorati was the only place online to find such a rich directory of blogs sorted by content type and Authority, a score assigned by a proprietary algorithm. The Technorati Top 100 quickly became a coveted space for the Internet’s elite blogs.

Taking the relationship to the blogging world a step further, Technorati published its first State of the Blogosphere report in October of 2004. The report was published every year through 2011, and was rebranded Digital Influence Report in January 2013.

Some of our publishers.
Some of our publishers.

After a half-decade of helping blogs and self-published websites gain exposure, Technorati took the natural step of helping those same types of websites earn revenue through an advertising platform launched in 2008. Since that time, it has quickly grown into one of the largest ad networks boasting more than 100 million unique visitors per month. The Technorati advertising platform uses technology and real-time market insights to optimize digital advertising interactions across an expanding high-quality publisher network.

Within our network, we help website publishers maximize their advertising revenue without having to worry about the complications of the ever-shifting advertising marketplace so they can get back to making the awesome content that we all consume every day.

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