Earth Day goes social, one Tweet at a time

Earth Day goes social, one Tweet at a time

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Thirty-four years after its inception, Earth Day (April 22nd) is as much a global call to action as the 1970 protests that brought mankind’s impact on the environment to the pubic conscious. The first Earth Day is credited with the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency which came to fruition shortly after the original event. Today Earth Day is celebrated by billions of people in 108 countries across the world. Not surprisingly social media has become a key component in promoting Earth Day and environmental awareness. These are four of our favorites from the last few years.

Run for Water (2010)

Partners Live Earth and Dow staged six kilometer runs (the average distance women and children walk for water in developing nations) in 150 countries to raise awareness of water conservation. The runs were coordinated using IP geo-location and interactive maps to help participants find events in their location. Live Earth used a combination of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, YouTube and Orkut.’s Earth Day #GivingVine (2013)

The guys at Hooplaha jumped on the Vine bandwagon by encouraging visitors to document their acts of greenness, and post the videos with the hagtag #GivingVine. The videos highlight simple ways to keep our planet clean.

SamTrans’ Earth Day Scavenger Hunt (2014)

The San Francisco/San Jose commuter line is celebrating Earth Day a day early with an eco-friendly themed scavenger hunt. Items on the list include reusable coffee and water bottles, bike racks and electric car charging stations. Photos of the items are to be submitted on SamTran’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with the hashtag #EarthDay2014.

Twenty winners will be randomly selected to win reusable coffee cups and t-shirts.

NASA’s Global Selfie (2014)

NASA, in an effort to draw awareness and support of its efforts to learn more about earth and our impact on it through space exploration, is promoting taking a “Global Selfie” on or before Earth Day, asking people to take a picture of themselves outside. According to the organization’s website, “With 17 Earth-observing missions orbiting our home planet right now — and several more launching this year — NASA studies Earth’s atmosphere, land and oceans in all their complexity. This satellite data helps NASA scientists piece together a clear picture of our planet from a scientific viewpoint. “


NASA wanted to create a social media-generated picture of planet earth this year, what it calls a “crowd-sourced collection of snapshots of the people of Earth that we could use to create one unique mosaic of the Blue Marble”.

To participate, post your photo to Twitter, Instagram or Google+ using the hashtag #GlobalSelfie, or post it to the #GlobalSelfie event page on Facebook or the #GlobalSelfie group on Flickr. You can also join the #GlobalSelfie Google+ event page.

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