Enriching Conferences with Real Interaction

Enriching Conferences with Real Interaction

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This guest post review was written by Janet Fouts. Janet is a social media speaker, author and coach to businesses who want to actually engage their client base (and maybe even learn a thing or two). Her personal blogs focus on wine, food, and horses. Find her on Twitter @jfouts

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Conferences have changed. The days of canned presentations where we hear the same old blah, blah, blah we heard at the last three conferences just isn’t going to draw a crowd anymore. What attendees want are dynamic panels and forward thinking keynotes full of material they can take home and put to use.

Technorati is pleased to be media partner for the Inbound Marketing Summit starting in San Francisco on Tuesday. And the line-up of speakers looks fantastic. This conference brings together business leaders, agency execs and their teams with keynotes and expert panels, as well as solutions providers and their tools, all in a dynamic, community-based setting. See the full agenda here. Keep an eye on Twitter too, as Technorati will be live-tweeting the event with the tag #IMS13.

One feature of this conference that is really setting it apart is the addition of the “Genius Bar“. In between sessions, the Genius Bar gets attendees in front of practitioners and speakers to pick their brains about strategies and tap their on-the-ground knowledge so they can take what they hear in sessions and get actionable advice to their questions. The concept here is “pair concept with concrete action,” says concept creator Andre F. Bourque. Practitioners from a variety of fields ready to add a hands on opportunity to put what you’ve learned to work.

I love this concept. Letting participants get up close and personal with speakers and practitioners helps drive home concepts gained in the presentations and plan for how to put them to use.

I’m excited to be a part of this conference as a panelist on  ”Creating a Content Factory to Feed Your Inbound Marketing” moderated by Butch Stearns, Chief Customer Officer, The Pulse Network, Blake Landau, Social Media Program Manager, Support, Intel, and Darya Trushkina, SVP of Business Development, NARR8.

I’m also going to be available in the genius bar in two time slots, Tuesday at 10:15- 10:45 and Wednesday from 12 noon to 1. Come by with your laptop and let’s talk. If you’re not available during those times find me on the floor either day and I’ll be happy to answer questions.