Aiden Howarth: Poet, Dedicated Father and Game Changer

Author: Thomas Geraci
Published: February 18, 2012 at 6:29 am

I have always been one to share the things I find that bring me joy. One such item is a collection of poetry written by Aiden Howarth. The book is entitle, 'Without You' and is a collection of poems that are each as complex as their author. I can tell you that this particular book sits on the dresser next to my bed and I have enjoyed reading through it numerous times.

First, here's a little about the author: Aiden Howarth was born and raised in Wakefield, England. Besides being a poet, he is also a father and a web designer. He was only 27 when "Without You" was published last year but when you read his work, you will find he possesses a soul much older than his years. The collection is dedicated to his 7 year old daugher, Mia Liljana Jeane Howarth. I mention this because in the three or more years I have known Aiden, via social media, he has always spoken so lovingly about his beautiful child.

In the beginning of this year, I decided I would make every effort to dedicate my own work to showing off the talented people I am so proud to know. I was reading through Aiden's poetry one night, and realized that I HAD to ask him to do an interview with me. I felt it would be pretty special to ask him specific questions about a few of my favorite works. Our exchanges over the years have always been among my favorite social media experiences because he has a pretty wild sense of humor as well as an intelligence that makes him very easy to converse with.

I am happy to present our interview to you:

Q: You dedicated your book of poetry, 'Without You', to your beautiful daughter Mia Liljana Jeane Howarth. Obviously, she is a great inspiration to you. Is she old enough to understand what all this means? Does she share in your artistic skills?

A: Mia is an incredibly bright child. She always has been. She's now 7 years old and doing great in school, especially in her reading and writing, which is great. She is forever writing stories of princesses and castles and she enjoys being praised for it, which, of course, I do every single day. She is my incredible little angel and not a day goes by where I don't look at her and wonder what I did so right to be given a chance at bringing up such a wonderful little girl. In regards to her understanding, I don't believe she has fully grasped the fact that a book has been dedicated to her. Yes she has seen her pictures and her name in print and yes, she thinks it's great but but hopefully when she is old enough to understand the full meaning of all the work that's written inside, she will think it's even more amazing. Of course, I didn't write a book just to make my daughter happy, I did it for myself and for sharing what I write with the world. The opportunity to share with her my work in such a way arose and I jumped at the chance.

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