Dark Shadows: When Angelique Bit Johnny Carson

Author: Bryan Cain-Jackson
Published: May 15, 2012 at 12:40 am

In the previous two articles that I’ve written in celebration of Dark Shadows, I’ve spoken with the cast members David Selby and Kathryn Leigh Scott – today I’m pleased to bring you another legend from the classic cult series.

Before the so-called daytime soap opera divas like Susan Lucci (honestly, the only one that comes to mind) – there was a voodoo doll wielding, sometimes fangs wearing, curse happy, beautiful blue-eyed and blonde witch – and for this woman there was and is no real competition…

Angelique is her name and witchery is her game – and she was played to perfection by the beautiful Lara Parker.

Like Barnabas and Quentin, Angelique was one of the most popular characters on Dark Shadows. Angelique, a scorned mistress of Josette duPres, fell in love with Barnabas Collins – the problem here is that Barnabas and Josette were going to be married. Barnabas had used Angelique for one night of passion; unfortunately, he didn’t yet realize that hell hath no fury greater than a woman’s scorn.

Angelique cursed Barnabas to an eternity of vampirism – for all those he loves would meet with a horrible fate.

It’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing the role – but had it not been for Jonathan Frid who wanted Lara to have the part so bad, history might have unfolded a little differently. “She’s a witch, you know.” Jonathan whispered in Lara’s ear during her audition for Dark Shadows – those words changed her approach to how she would portray the character, she turned to the camera and with that trademark evil grin, she had won the role.

During our conversation, it was honestly a little hard not to be star struck, I admitted that to Lara – she responded with a modest quip – “Oh, don’t be silly.”

Who would’ve thought that some 45 years after she took that famous role that we’d still be talking about it today and that it would be just as relevant and important to so many people?

“I never dreamed of it,” Lara said. “Sometimes the performances had so many bloopers in them and were so embarrassingly bad that all I thought was ‘thank God’ no one will ever see that again. It’s a soap opera; it’s like a play… It’s over.” She laughed.

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