Do You Want The Guys At TMZ To Serve Up Hot News Even Hotter? They Can!

Author: Shred Pillai
Published: February 16, 2012 at 5:35 am

Technology is changing how celebrities like Lady Gaga build up a fan base of 20 million and then interact with them to keep them hooked to her magic.  Now the guys who follow the celebrities and serve up the news they make like are learning a thing or two about the ways celebrities use social media.

Taking a leaf out of the new book of how to get the hook swallowed even deeper, TMZ has added a much greater and innovative punch to their delivery. TMZ live is a terrific example of how you can spice up what you serve with what is available on the social media right now and create an ever increasing fan base of loyal followers.

The show which is presented as a talk show actually cuts in to the studio workplace and gets everyone else to chip in making it wider and give it an ambiance of an office. Everyone can relate to this as this is very real and what happens in every day life in any office where people work together.

The show is brisk, informal, and chatty and dwells on the hottest topics for just enough time to keep them hot.

4:30) Did Whitney know she was going to die? Mike reads the eerie Bible verse she quoted before her death.
13:50) Whitney's death sparks a serious debate — would you rather live fast and die young ... or boring and die old?
21:04) Kobe was caught smooching Vanessa last night — people rightly shocked she'd take him back. 
22:50) Evan says Kobe "loves" Vanessa so much ... that he constantly cheats on her (allegedly). 
(26:30) The Heart Attack Grill — which sells an 8,000 cal. burger — had a diner literally have a heart attack there this week. 
(28:45) The owner of the restaurant calls in — defends his gut busting menu to an inch of his life.
(32:12) Our fatty good loving staffers totally have the owner's back on this one. Shocker.
(34:30) Is Kate Upton too big for
Victoria's Secret? 
(38:00) Another argument to wrap up the show — is buying $100,000 handbags the biggest waste of money ever?

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