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Get So Damn Lucky Next Week

Author: Bob Etier
Published: February 20, 2012 at 4:10 pm

Deborah Coonts continues her Lucky O’Toole mystery series with the publication of So Damn Lucky on February 28, 2012. Combining the glamor of Las Vegas with vanishing magicians, murder, aliens, and love, Coonts delivers a thriller that’s a mad dash accented with fun.

When last we saw Lucky, boyfriend Teddie was pursuing a music career, going on tour with a young (but not too), female pop singer. Now Lucky is missing Teddie terribly, and suspects that their true love is evaporating. More disturbing is the thought of losing such a good friend, a chance she and Teddie knew they were taking when they first crossed the line between best friends and lovers.  Lucky’s libido kicks in, and her awareness of Paxton Dane’s attentions increases, but then there’s that temperamental French chef with whom she’s working…

As Lucky manages The Babylon and prepares for the opening of a new hotel, her mother considers giving up her brothel, and she and her father come to terms with her long-simmering resentment, their lives are complicated by a flamboyant magician whose final trick may have been his final breath, a milestone birthday, a baby, alien hunters, and a little old lady and her dog.

Lucky is determined to find out who killed the magician and why, and has a nice selection of magicians, psychics, and their followers from which to choose. Throw in alien abductees, alien hunters, and Lucky’s hormone-driven staff, and So Damn Lucky is a circus of weirdness. Of course, there is someone (perhaps more than one?) out there that doesn’t want Lucky to get too close to a solution.

So Damn Lucky is a first person narrative with a self-deprecating Lucky sharing her every mood, suspicion, and emotion. It is sexy without being graphic, funny, and sophisticated. Lucky lives a posh life, enjoys good food and the finest merchandise, and works herself like a drone. As she wavers between confidence and self-doubt, we never imagine that anything she undertakes could possibly fail. So Damn Lucky is a sure bet for those who enjoy mystery without gore.


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