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KidVid: Jump Aboard The Magic School Bus for 25 Years of Discovery

Author: Bob Etier
Published: September 03, 2012 at 10:42 am

The Magic School Bus has been taking kids on exciting field trips for twenty-five years. What’s all the excitement about? Science. It may seem counter-intuitive, but magic and science really do mix—if it means that kids benefit with a better understanding of the human body and the universe that surrounds it. The Magic School Bus combines the two, and on September 4, 2012, The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series will be available on DVD, offering 52 episodes, a 24-page activity booklet, lots of extra features and activities, and a super cool 3D lenticular cover that should be the basis of yet another episode (“How Do They Do It?”). This is also the home video premiere of thirty episodes that were never before offered for purchase.


 Let’s face it…science can be pretty boring—unless you learn it from an eccentric (and fearless) teacher on a magic bus that morphs into submarines, helicopters, rocket ships, and other nifty transports. There are three kinds of kids that enjoy these adventures: 1) those who love science; 2) those who are totally disinterested in (i.e., hate) science; 3) everyone else. The Magic School Bus provides scientific exploration disguised as cartoon fantasy from which children and their parents have learned the “secrets of the universe” in simple, amusing storylines along the way.

The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series is recommended for ages 4-10, and any one of the eight DVDs included provide a better understanding of science than I received in grades K-8 (I went to private schools that did not include science in the curriculum. When I was allowed to attend public high school, my performance in the sciences was disastrous. I should have watched more Mr. Wizard.).  In addition to The Complete Series, Scholastic is releasing two three-DVD sets, The Magic School Bus: Blast Off! From Sea to Space and The Magic School Bus: Field Trip Fun and Games (each featuring 12 episodes), and four The Magic School Bus singles: The Human Body, Super Star Power, The Magic School Bus Takes a Dive, and The Magic School Bus Takes Flight.

The release of The Magic School Bus: The Complete Series is such a positive event, but are there any negatives?  Well…if you remember when The Magic School Bus debuted, you’ll be reminded you’re lots older now. Other than that, it’s all good.


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