Michelle "Bombshell" McGee's Web Of Deception About To Unravel

Author: Dawn Olsen
Published: March 19, 2010 at 1:15 pm

 Michelle McGee

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee, the woman at the center of the marital rift between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock isn't all she says she is. For one, she was never raised "Amish" as our source revealed to us, nor is she 24  (more like 30-something.) McGee who has two young boys, from two different dads, also claims to be a graduate student with a bachelor's degree in biology. I call bullshit on that too. Why make up all these lies? We're told her web of deception was an effort to deflect the criticism she surely knew would come her way once the story she sold to In Touch broke (as we reported yesterday.)

As Radar Online has reported, Michelle's ex-husband has painted her as a drug-addled, treacherous liar who will say or do anything to get what she wants. We know it was no accident she hooked up with Jesse and it's no accident the timing of this story was set up for maximum media attention. Michelle waited to sell her story so it would coincide with the heightened attention already on Sandra Bullock, less than two weeks after her Oscar win for Best Actress.

In terms of fame-whoring and using a celebrity sex scandal to gain attention for herself, Michelle is a pro. No surprise here, this was her intention all along.She wanted to take full advantage of the heightened level of attention to launch her own career as a celebrity. Sadly, we are all feeding into exactly what she wants, myself included. What Michelle hasn't taken into consideration is the pain and hurt she will be bringing on her children, sons Elijah and Avery, and her family.

These types of stories have a life-cycle and every tabloid will be hounding her, her friends and her family for each every nugget of information there is about her — and based on what we already know about her from our sources and the information surfacing on the web, including white supremacy allegations, live sex cam shows, bitter custody battles, no amount of fame or money is going to make Michelle's life better.

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