Miss Philippines Brings Beatboxing to Miss World Pageant

Author: Steve Woods
Published: August 17, 2012 at 1:08 pm

I don't tend to watch many beauty pageants these days. Sure, the bikinis look great (who would have thought to wear 5 inch heels with them!) but an unnecessary knowledge of gravity-defying scotch tape tricks, Vaseline-shined and practiced smiles and bikini-stopping hairspray has left me jaded, as if I'm looking at badly drawn caricatures of real people.

Throw in hyper-choreographed souped-up versions of tossed out game show riffs, and the dog-and-pony shows of copy-cat useless talents, and I simply can no longer linger on a pageant of any kind, when switching the channels.

If more women like Quenerich Rehman of the Philippines took the stage with a microphone, I just might linger once in awhile.

Among a sea of gymnastic-dancing mashups, wind instrument riffs (evidently drawn forth from high school orchestra) and Katy Perry karaoke, Rehman took what some would call the courageous (and unusual) path. During the 2012 Miss World Talent Finals, the contestant was herself, in all her beatboxing and beautiful glory. Take a peek...

I can only hope other contestants in future pageants take their cue from Miss Philippines, and break free from the mold. Be yourself, because you can, no matter how bad the background music track sounds.

One step closer to losing the tape and Vaseline? I think the hairspray will have to stay.


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