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Murder Investigation Team – Series Two

Author: Bob Etier
Published: March 28, 2012 at 5:33 pm

There’s a new member of the Murder Investigation Team as Series Two begins, and she’s not known to be a team player. DCI Eva Sharpe  (Diane Parish) is a strong but enigmatic woman whose personal concerns unfold  throughout the course of Series Two, as she forms an uneasy alliance with DS Rosie McManus (Lindsey Coulson).

Released on DVD March 27 by Acorn Media,  Murder Investigation Team – Series Two has frequently been compared to the CSI franchise, and while there are similarities, Murder Investigation Team has a distinct style and atmosphere of its own.   

Series Two is comprised of four episodes: “Phone Tag,” “Viper’s Nest,” “Professional,” and “Sexual Tension.”  All four episodes continue the show’s tradition of sensational murder cases that seem unsolvable.  These are the last episodes of Murder Investigation Team, a program distinguished by superior writing, spot-on performances, and high production values.

“Phone Tag” begins with the murder of a young man in the middle of a game of phone tag, wherein participants join the game via the Internet. A “target” is chosen, and players must hunt them down and "shoot" them with their cell phones. The complex case is made even more difficult by the number of potential players, many of whom are unknown to each other. 

“Viper’s Nest” is a convoluted tale centered on the death of a hospital administrator who appears to have been pushed off the roof of the hospital. Again, a large number of suspects complicate the case as the team discovers possible malpractice and illegal trade in prescription medications.  “Professional” details the murder of a football player who seems to have had a number of enemies and a secret life.

 Throughout Season Two, we sense a certain antagonism in DI Trevor Hands (Michael McKell) towards Rosie McManus, and it comes to a head in “Sexual Tension,” an episode that finds Hands a murder suspect. Following the team partying in a pub, another investigator is found murdered. Convincing evidence points toward Hands, and puts McManus in the difficult position of investigating and supporting her friend.

Through a combination of old-fashioned police work (knocking on doors, interviewing suspects), psychology, and cutting-edge forensics, the Murder Investigation Team cracks high-profile cases and keep its audience guessing all the way.


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