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NAMM Smashes into the Weekend - Jan 24-27, 2013

Author: Jerry Flattum
Published: January 26, 2013 at 7:53 pm

Over the last few years, if not decade, rumors abound like, "The music industry is dead," or "Major labels are dying," or...well all kinds of end of days scenarios. Just trying to find parking at the NAMM show in Anaheim is enough to let you know music--and the industry--is very much alive...and thriving.

From an endless sea of music merchants to a river of performances, it's only Sat, with 2 more hot days to go.

Even for industry professionals, NAMM reveals how unimaginable is the size and scope of the merchant side of music. Drummers connected via MIDI play orchestral pieces, string players cradle the newest violins and cellos with the same passion they pour into their playing, keyboard workstations rival NASA control centers, pro audio makers enhance and process sound in new ways Mother Nature never dreamed...it's all here, and more than any single journalist/media person could ever cover.

"We're here to soak it all in, see what we want to buy. There are a lot more booths this year at the NAMM Show, and it seems there is a more consistent footprint to the booths. Makes it very easy to see the new things and find our favorites. We have an idea of what we want to buy, but we definitely do some business on the fly, depending on what we see here."
- Bryan Anderson, buyer, Scrape Records

“There’s great talent with Tower of Power and a community feeling [on the Grand Plaza]. It’s great to wind down out here after the day, while enjoying some music with good friends and business partners.”
- Jerry Loos, owner, Jerry Loos Guitar Training, Westerville, OH

Here's a taste--and I mean just a taste--of what's happening today (Sat):

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