Netflix Streams a New Plan & Price Increase

Author: Callib Carver
Published: November 23, 2010 at 5:42 am

Yesterday Jessie Becker (VP of Marketing at Netflix) posted on the Netflix blog about a new streaming plan, along with an increase in the other plan's pricing. As the internet progresses, trends form and most of them fade away eventually. But streaming video has not died out at all. In fact, it has increased.

The new plan originated from the increased popularity of streaming and demand for new content on the Netflix streaming library. The streaming plan will only cost $7.99 a month, but doesn’t give you the option of receiving DVDs. This is particularly useful for people with gaming consoles, and those who use their PC as their primary source of entertainment.

While this new plan is great, it does bring an increase in prices all across the board. So there is no confusion, the picture below will list all the new prices & plans.

And to all the Blu-Ray users, there is good news, your Blu-Ray cost will stay the same.

Some complaints have already been made claiming the new plan prices are unfair, while others say Netflix is losing its edge over Redbox & Blockbuster. But with Netflix, you still don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch, so will Netflix suffer a loss? Perhaps a bit, since not all titles are available for the new streaming plan, but they still have the widest selection of any other service at this time.


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