New York Regional Theater: Westchester Collaborative Theater's 2012 Winterfest

Author: Carole Di Tosti.
Published: December 11, 2012 at 7:24 am

WCT 2012 Winterfest of Ten Minute Plays 

Can a playwright establish characters, a situation, a dynamic relationship showing conflict, then initiate closure within a time span of 10 minutes? This is the exacting challenge that Westchester Collaborative Theater's playwrights, directors and actors faced this past weekend in an offering of 8 plays of short duration. The event held on Friday, December 7th, Saturday and Sunday afternoon was the regional theater groups' 2012 Winterfest of Ten Minute Plays.

Westchester Collaborative Theater, like all regional theater is vital and exciting. It brings together professionals and aspirants and affords the opportunity to germinate and develop works that may or may not evolve to reach a wider audience. With the WCT being so close to New York City, the theater hub of the world, guest artists who live in the area, like comedian Robert Klein (last year) and in November of this year, well known actor Campbell Scott, are able to share their talent and expertise and serve as an inspiration to veterans and newbees alike. The atmosphere is creative and non threatening; the overriding risk of lousy box office receipts is not present. Such non profit theater thrives on donations, grants and the good will of patrons and the surrounding community. It is a labor of love won by the efforts of a select group of individuals (headed by Executive Director, Alan Lutwin) who adore live theater and the living moments of performance art. 

Actor Campbell Scott, guest artist at WCT in November 

This year's Winterfest follows on the heels of a productive year for the  Westchester Collaborative Theater which included the scheduled Summerfest of One-Act play readings, monthly LAB with developmental readings and talk backs about select playwrights' works in progress and a full length play reading. As a result of WCT's labs, playwright/director Michael Thomas Cain was able to develop his play and present Enough's Enough at La MaMa E.T.C. in NYC as part of the 2012 NY International Fringe Festival.

The developmental process for playwrights, directors and actors is particularly exciting and productive. Each week guest artists are featured. In November Campbell Scott (as Victor Geddes with Julia Roberts in Dying Young and the protagonist of David Mamet's The Spanish Prisoner) performed a reading of The Wife and the Widow Next Store by Richard Manichello. Agnes of God author, John Pielmeier was another guest artist in November

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