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Revenge in the Executive Suite: Accountable to None by Ashley Fontainne

Author: Bob Etier
Published: March 04, 2012 at 3:52 pm

Take all the psychopathic, lecherous, greedy, sadistic, unethical, vindictive bosses you have ever had, add them together, then multiply by ten and you will have Olin Kemper, the detestable managing partner at Winscott & Associates, an incredibly successful (profitable) CPA firm in ArizonaAccountable to None, a fine novel by Ashley Fontainne, centers on the comeuppance of Olin Kemper, a man who demands it all.

Accountable to None begins with a brutal attack. Audra Tanner, a brilliant CPA, is raped and beaten by Kemper, then advised that she is being made partner in the firm. Instead of going to the police, Audra begins to plot her revenge. Realizing that it’s not just Kemper but all of the senior partners at Winscott & Associates who overlook his behavior at fault for his many transgressions, Audra plans to bring them all down, no matter how long it takes.

Five years later, Audra’s plans for the firm, where she continues to work, come to fruition due to a series of seemingly unrelated events.  A massive fraud is leaked to the press, a long-dead body is found by a crew clearing land for new construction in another part of the state, and Kemper’s latest assistant quits due to harassment.  With creative spying and astute attention to details, Audra collects an impressive list of dirty deeds committed by all the senior partners, and—with crafty timing—exacts revenge on all in one fell swoop.

Readers may wonder how exciting a novel about CPAs could possibly be, especially when most of the action is on an intellectual level. In this mongoose and cobra game, the story progresses through the reactions of the various characters as they learn of their firm’s impending doom resulting from its connection with the newly reported fraud. We experience considerable satisfaction when the hero levels the playing field and takes down the despicable 1-percenter who has caused so much misery. Author Fontainne leaves the door wide open for the sequel, Zero Balance, which rests at the top of our to-read list. Accountable to None is available in paperback and digital.


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