Courtney Stodden Confesses "I'm Grateful That People Want to Take my Picture"

Author: Jim Straz
Published: February 07, 2013 at 8:04 am

Courtney Stodden is about to officially launch her professional music career with the world premiere of her music video "Reality" on February 9 at Eleven Nightclub. We have an exclusive interview from the sexy songstress about the upcoming video and some candid feelings on her rising popularity as well as her "love" for Bobby Trendy and West Hollywood.

After winning the "New Hollywood Starlet Award" in West Hollywood from, we asked Bobby Trendy, why Courtney Stodden was given such a major honor.

"Courtney Stodden is a vivacious breath of fresh air and embodies the glamour and sexiness that Hollywood symbolizes. Courtney Stodden is putting the 'H' back in Hollywood! states Bobby Trendy. "And, for that WEHO dubs her "The New Hollywood Starlet!"

What does Courtney think about all this hoopla? Read the exclusive interview.

Technorati: When did you start performing?
CS: When I was in the womb! My parents told me that when they watched "Cops" on TV I would kick and move around like crazy in my mom's belly when the theme song came on. They told me that when I was 2 weeks old, I was lying in my crib, while my parents were watching "Cops" and they looked over when "Bad boys, bad boys..." started playing and I was attempting to dance to it! [Laughs]

Technorati: What propelled you to pursue a career in music?
CS: I've always loved to perform and to be creative. I have found that you can express your artistic passion through writing and making music and videos. I'm also a huge lover of dance. So, when I discovered one can incorporate that within the making of music, I was sold!

Technorati: What fashion icons do you identify most with?
CS: Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, Brigitte Bardot, Lana Turner, Veronica Lake — the gorgeous pin-ups of the past.

Technorati: How did it feel to win this year’s “New Hollywood Starlet Award” last week at Weho's Who’s Who Awards event?
CS: It was a beautiful honor. I love Weho and everybody who was involved with the event. There is so much love there!

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