Entertainment Industry Honors Real Celebrities with Got Your 6 Campaign

Author: Geoff Simon
Published: May 12, 2012 at 5:24 am

Yesterdays news conference at the Wilshire Boulevard SAG-AFTRA offices marked the official launch of a campaign called "Got Your 6", backed by virtually every major studio, broadcast and cable network, professional guild, and talent agency in the entertainment industry, in addition to myriad of non-profit organizations.

While speculation about the campaign dates back to the Oscars when Tom Hanks sported a small numeral 6 pin on his lapel which got people talking, this is but a small part of what the campaign hopes to accomplish for veterans returning to civilian life from active duty or conflict. 

"Over the next 5 years, more than one million service members will return to civilian life"

The news conference for instance, was accompanied by a celebrity PSA featuring Tom Hanks, Pharrell Williams, Bradley Cooper, Brian Williams, Milla Jovovich, Alec Baldwin, Michael Douglas, Sarah Jessica Parker and Judith Light. This, in addition to an online video from website Funny or Die (another partner) showing Ron Riggle, "back-slapping the initiative into popular culture with the help of celebrities such as Ron Perlman and Taran Killam.This is all to raise awareness for a campaign whose stated goal is creating, "a wide array of opportunities for veterans to successfully convert their leadership and operational training into positive civilian roles in communities nationwide".

The campaign director of the Got Your 6 campaign is Chris Marvin,a former Army Blackhawk helicopter pilot who was wounded in Afghanistan. Chris says, "over the next 5 years, more than one million service members will return to civilian life...It's imperative that Americans see this as an opportunity."

In addition to raising awareness with PSA's and other video, the studios agents and producers have also said they will seek script integrations for TV and film projects about the situations faced by veterans as well as the creation of original content. The campaign gets it's name from military jargon, "got your 6" in the military means, "i got your back, and you got mine". The campaign also has 6 stated pillars, and each will be assigned a non-profit "activation partner" in that area to help guide program initiatives. The pillars are Jobs, Education, Health, Housing, Family and Leadership. 


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