Lady Gaga News - The Week in Gaga: Playing Catch-Up Edition

Author: Scott Finley
Published: November 14, 2011 at 6:20 am


Welcome back to The Week in Gaga, written for those who like to keep up with the latest Gaga news, but hate wading through the hundreds of fluff stories written about her each week. The Week in Gaga brings you the most relevant and interesting Gaga news of the week, broken down into concise recaps. This edition will feature two weeks' worth of Gaga news, since I was unable to provide you with a recap last week (my apologies.)

Lady Gaga has launched the website for her new charity, The Born This Way Foundation, which aims to counter the rising bullying epidemic by inspiring bravery and acceptance in youth. In related news, Barney's New York will be transforming the entire 5th floor of its Madison Avenue store into "Gaga's Workshop." 25% of all proceeds made from items in the workshop will be donated to the Born This Way Foundation.

ABC has announced that it will be airing a 90-minute Lady Gaga Thanksgiving special, appropriately titled, "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving." Directed by Gaga herself, the special takes place at the Sacred Heart Catholic School in Manhattan, which she attended school as a child. It will feature an interview with Katie Couric and several performances from Gaga, including a duet of "The Lady is a Tramp" with Tony Bennett!

"Marry the Night" is Lady Gaga's latest single, and she is making dead sure everyone knows it. Not only did she recently tweet the first still from the video as seen above (a pic which has already caused great speculation and controversy within the fan base), she also performed the song three times on television in the past two weeks alone.

First was at the MTV EMAs in Belfast, where she sang atop the moon before mooning the audience and collecting four awards. A couple of days later, she appeared at the BAMBI awards in Germany, belting out her soon-to-be hit from the driver's seat of a convertible sports car, the door of which had been transformed into a keyboard. Just last night, Gaga appeared with her head cradled in her arms on The X-Factor UK results show while her backup dancers gave fans their first real glimpse at the choreography for "Marry the Night."

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