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The Old Argument: Is MTV Damaging for Kids?

Author: Shaun Kennedy
Published: September 28, 2011 at 5:50 am

It has long been argued that the television content on MTV is not suitable for children. This argument stems back to when MTV first played music videos from artists such as Prince, Guns N’ Roses and Michael Jackson as well as shows like Beavis and Butt-Head.

However, it is today’s range of television shows that are potentially poisoning the minds of today’s youth. In this case youth does not only refer to young adults who are learning the ways of the world and enjoying university, more worryingly it refers to girls and boys between the ages of 11-17 watching shows such as Jersey Shore and Teen Mom.

The graphic details of these shows are a parent’s nightmare and unfortunately are all too easy for kids to watch. Take for example MTV’s hit show ‘Sixteen and Pregnant’; this type of show should not see the light of day, let alone be advertised to young girls of today.

While MTV might argue that is an educational show to young kids, it is the exact opposite.Who in their right mind wants to film a documentary about a sixteen year old girl having a baby and broadcast it to the world? Worryingly MTV is the most recognised network among young adults and they thrive on shows like this.

Ok so it’s easy to argue that parents can just block the channels that kids should not watch, but is that really cutting them off? In a digital world where everything is online, it is easy to just about view something on the internet the minute it comes on our televisions.

The harsh reality is MTV is loitered with sexual scenes, depictions of sex and forms of nudity. This is what children are watching. Take Jersey Shore for example; it is quite possibly the greatest catastrophe in television history that these people have made millions of this show.

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