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The Sean Penn, Wyclef Jean Hissy Fit

Author: Dawn Olsen
Published: September 07, 2010 at 9:01 pm

Wyclef Jean, Sean Penn 

If ever there were two people who seriously needed to STFU it's Wyclef Jean and Sean Penn.

Both are self-serving, self-congratulating, self-centered twits who are fighting over the right to declare which is more suited to call himself SAVIOR OF ALL OF HAITI.

In one corner, we have Wyclef Jean, a native Haitian and former member of the Fugees.  Wyclef has the distinction of setting up a charity fund to bring awareness and attention to the plight of the impoverished nation of Haiti: Yele Haiti. Founded in 2005, a full five years before the devastating earthquake that hit the world's poorest country in January of this year, Yele Haiti was previously hailed as a genuine well-spring of hope for the country and Wyclef has used this platform to not only help his homeland, but to keep his name relevant.  Remember: celebrities RARELY do something solely out of the good of their heart. It's all about good PR and spin control.  So, while Yele Haiti did some great things for Haitians, there have also been allegations of misappropriation of funds as well as of Jean himself using it to gouge his own people.  

In the other corner is Sean Penn. Oscar-winning actor, notorious hothead and all around brilliant, but brooding and angry guy, Penn is perhaps trying to make up for his personal failings by doing some global good. During Katrina, Sean Penn showed up a bit late in the game, with a leaky boat and a personal photographer in tow, but did manage to help out a few people.  So, perhaps his heart is in the right place. His mouth on the other hand...that remains to be seen. Fast forward to 2010, and we find Sean Penn temporarily relocated to Haiti to aid in the relief efforts after a massive 7.0 earthquake leveled the capital city of Port-au-Prince and outlying areas, killing an estimated 230,000 people and dislocating over a million people.  Again, here comes Sean to the rescue, because if an actor knows anything, it's all about coordinated rescue efforts on a massive scale. But remember, Sean does have his heart in the right place, and he is nothing if not tenacious.

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