Actress Cortney Palm Discusses New Crime Thriller, "Sushi Girl"

Author: James Wood
Published: December 19, 2012 at 6:18 am

A work of art. That’s what best describes both actress Cortney Palm and her latest movie, “Sushi Girl”. Whether it's the beautiful cinematography or the element of surprise that keeps you guessing until the very end, Sushi Girl (releasing world-wide on DVD February 19th) is a story and film worthy of the big screen.

Sushi Girl tells the story of Fish; a newly released convict who has spent the last six years in jail successfully not ratting out those involved in the diamond robbery that sent him to prison. On the night of his release, he and the four men he's protected celebrate his freedom with a Nyotaimori, a meal consisting of a lavish array of sushi served off the naked body of a beautiful young woman (Cortney Palm). Sushi Girl must appear catatonic, and is trained to ignore everything in the room regardless of the danger. But there's more than meets the eye in this crime thriller. Old wounds are opened among the thieves amid accusations of what became of their missing diamonds.

Palm is more than comfortable in her own skin, and for her role as Sushi Girl she has to be. Appearing nearly nude the entire time, she's more than convincing in the role, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Sushi Girl also features memorable performances by Tony Todd (Candyman), Mark Hamill (Star Wars), James Duvall (Independence Day), Noah Hathaway (The Never Ending Story) and Andy Mackenzie (True Blood).

I had the pleasure of speaking with Cortney about her work on Sushi Girl. We also discuss her role as the ill-fated Maria in the horror film, "Silent Night" as well as the significance behind some of her amazing tattoos.

Cortney Palm is laying the foundation for a long and fruitful career. Her performances thus far are worthy of praise, and I’m excited to see what the future holds for this amazing actress.

gJg: What attracted you most to the role of Sushi Girl?

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