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Headspace: Director’s Cut (2005) Now on Home Video

Author: Bob Etier
Published: June 13, 2012 at 3:30 pm

Don’t you just hate it when you play a game you abhor with a total stranger and your mind begins to expand, you have visions, and people around you start dying in the most excruciating manner? You’re not alone…few people enjoy playing games they hate, whether with strangers, friends, or loved ones. Take Alex Borden (Christopher Denham); he despises chess but after meeting a chess player in the park he is obsessed by the game, reading everything he can find on the subject and perfecting his game. Because of his expanded mental capabilities (he thinks his brain is “growing”), he quickly masters the intricacies of chess.

Originally debuting on NBC/Universal’s Chiller Network, Headspace was recently released to iTunes and cable VOD; the DVD and Blu-ray will be released by MVD Visual on June 19, 2012. Its cast includes such well-known actors as Sean Young (looking great), Udo Kier, William Atherton, Dee Wallace Stone, and Olivia Hussey in supporting roles, some of which are little more than cameos (Udo Kier and Sean Young have disappointingly little screen time, which may be why they agreed to appear in the film).

Headspace is a decent thriller, but there are a few holes in the story that leave viewers with questions—primarily why?—when it’s over. Not so much good vs. evil, it’s more a story of evil vs. indifference that somehow manages to involve the KGB (in flashback) in a study of people who are “links” to evil (but very well made) beasts. There is sex, violence, and gore, and though not restrained, it is not overdone.

Before the opening credits, we see a young boy’s birthday party. In attendance are his brother, mother, and father. Suddenly Mom starts bleeding and things go downhill from there. Before you can say “Bob’s yer uncle,” Dad is hustling the kids out of the house and Mom is going for the butcher knife. The kids are in the family pick-up truck when they witness Dad shotgun Mom to death. After the credits, Alex is an adult with a dream job—house-sitting.

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