Hot Off the Oven: Meet Cars 2's Max Schnell and Miguel Camino

Author: The Lost Boy Lloyd
Published: April 10, 2011 at 5:40 pm

From the much-anticipated Disney Pixar upcoming offering, Cars 2, come two more cars to join Lightning McQueen and the gang: Max Schnell and Mark Camino.

Mark Schnell, a production sedan from Struttgart, Germany, was an amateur racer who would practice alone in the "Black Forest." His hard work paid off, as a racing team owner eventually saw his potential. Not long after, he was on a professional circuit, with his speed increased, weight dropped, and converted to carbon fiber--he was in tiptop racing shape. By using his brilliant engineering skills, logic, and analytics, he won more races at Motorheimring than any other World Torque Champion League car in history. He comes to the World Grand Prix ready to compete and more refined than ever.

Meanwhile, Miguel Camino of Pamplona is the most popular car in Spain. He became known by joining the infamous Running of the Bulldozers, and his flair, style, and speed as a toreador has gained him a following among young bulldozer fighters. These same qualities have put the spotlight on him at the Grand Touring Sport racing circuit, and proudly bearing the colors of the Spanish flag, he is ready to take on the World Grand Prix and win people's admiration.

We will soon witness how these two new characters will affect Lightning McQueen's bid at the World Grand Prix in Japan and Europe, as this exciting, fast-paced story opens in theaters June 24.

Watch Max Schnell's video:

Watch Miguel Camino's video:

Find out more about Cars 2 on their Facebook page.


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